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10 Rare Breed Assortment from Elk Valley Farm
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10 Rare Breed Assortment from Elk Valley Farm
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Location : 97524, Oregon
Country : United States
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Start Time : Jul. 06, 2021 01:18:39
End Time : Aug. 16, 2021 19:45:00
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Please provide a phone number and pay promptly to avoid any delays.

SHIPS August 17th

Elk Valley Farm

16 day-old-chicks (any extras will be added)

This lucky winner will receive a mix of some of our finest breeds, which is typical of our Breeders Choice Option. We will not be able to tell you what breeds you will be receiving prior to shipping and you cannot make any breed selections. However, we’ll be happy to help you identify the breeds you received once they have arrived.

Below you will find a short description of the breeds you might be receiving:

Gold Deathlayers

How did they get their name?

Gold DeathlayerTNT Pride


Turns out, the unusual name comes from the hen’s ability to lay an incredible amount of eggs. Deathlayers will provide eggs consistently well into her ripe old age. Plentiful and long producing, they lay a white medium size egg.

Gold Deathlayer

Pita Pinta Asturiana

The Painted Hen

The name “Pita Pinta Asturiana” comes from the Asturian language, in which pita means hen and pinta means mottled or painted.

The Pita Pinta is a compact, medium sized bird, with females weighing out at 6 pounds and males at 9 pounds. Their earlobes are red, eyes orange and their skin is yellow. Many of our customers admire their black spots on their beak and legs, along with their gentle disposition making them a farm favorite. These are sizable, resilient birds that lay an abundance of cream-colored eggs.

Cream Crested Legbars

Cream Crested Legbar

The Cream Legbar is well known for its beautiful blue to bluish green colored eggs as well as their autosexing ability. The breed was created by crossing Leghorns, Barred Plymouth Rock, Cambars and the Araucana.

Cream Crested Legbar

Unlike many of the production breeds, the Cream Legbar lives a much longer and productive life. Not only are these birds cold tolerant and have the ability to lay throughout the winter but they are also very friendly. However, due to the size of their combs, they can be susceptible to frostbite. Extra measures should be taken to keep them dry and free from a damp environment if the weather gets too extreme.

Black Copper Marans

We are not just another Greenfire Farms reseller! Our Black Copper Marans roosters are straight from Greenfire Farms newly imported stock, while our hens are from Bev Davis, Wade Jeane and Greenfire Farm (A line) lines for diversity. After working with this breed for several years, they are now known as the Elk Valley Farm line! We sought out to find a line that would reliably produce dark-colored eggs as well as follow the breed standard. We only hatch eggs that are either a 7,8 or 9 on the 2018 Marans color chart.

Black Copper Marans (ALWAYS spelled ‘Marans’) have a rustic and traditional appearance. They stand confident and dignified! The hens are plump and the roosters with-hold a powerful pose. They stand with a perfect V-shaped triangular form. With their proud stance, feathered legs, and copper shine you can’t help but realize Marans are the ideal heritage breed to complete any homestead.

Marans are an excellent dual purpose breed but their unique attribute is the shell color of dark chocolate. It’s this extra deep brown egg that draws many French chefs to only cook with Copper Marans eggs. When cracked open, the yolk is bright orange and sits perfectly centered within the white and holds an ideal dome shape. Black Copper Marans eggs are reason enough to choose this breed as your go-to layer.

Blue Birchen Marans

This French line of Blue Birchen Marans is known to produce some of the darkest chocolate-colored eggs of any Marans variety. We only hatch eggs that are either a 7,8 or 9 on the 2018 Marans color chart.

They have gentle personalities and are simply one of the most stunning color variety! The winner of this auction will receive a mix of blue, black and splash.

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Our Wyandottes stand out for their blue lacing and deep mahogany color. This vigorous and cold hardy breed maintains a calming disposition, making them easy to care for. We do NOT carry hatchery Blue Laced Red Wyandottes! Our main flock is derived from Jerry Foley. This bloodline is noted for its stunning and near perfect blue lacing around a deep mahogany red.

We breed blue on blue (no splash or black). Like any blue breed of chicken, the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes will produce blue, black, and splash laced offspring. You will receive a random mix of these three colors when you order from us. We are not set up to sell only one color variety at this time.

Silver Laced Wyandotte

These large birds thrive in regions with colder climates and can adapt well to confinement. They typically lay around 200 light brown, medium-size eggs per year. We do NOT carry hatchery Silver Laced Wyandottes! Our main flock is derived directly from Jerry Foley. This bloodline is recognized for its stunning and near perfect lacing around a deep body type. With this being said our flock makes a great choice for someone who would like to raise birds for the poultry shows.

Swedish Flower

We obtained our lines from two of the top breeders in the US. This robust breed is the definition of yard candy. This breed possesses all of the positive aspects backyard chicken lovers search for. The hens are productive layers for most of the year and can lay an extra-large egg. You can expect to receive genetically diverse chicks in both crested and un-crested varieties as well as colors associated with this breed (red, gray, black and white).

Olive Egger

Olive Egger is an excellent choice. Many shades of olive and green can be expected from these birds. Army and sage green, along with speckled green eggs can be seen. We create our Olive Eggers with Black Copper Marans/ Blue Birchen Marans and Ameraucanas/Cream Crested Legbars. They are known for being undoubtedly friendly and outgoing.

We guarantee live delivery and the health of the chicks if delivered within the USPS guaranteed time and picked up from the post office within three hours of their arrival. Chicks will only ship USPS Express which is the fastest option possible.

Chicks will be vaccinated for Marek’s Disease.

The auction winner pays an additional $55 in shipping costs. NPIP and AI Clean (OR-420)


Please pay at the close of the auction.


Shipping Conditions Buyer pays for shipping expenses Shipping & Payment Details

Chicks are shipped via USPS 2 day Express. Shipping includes USPS approved chick shipping box, gro-gel, straw bedding and heat pack (when deemed necessary).
Postage USD 55.00
Insurance -
Shipping Method USPS
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8 Black Copper Marans chicks from Elk Valley Farm
8 Black Copper Marans chicks from Elk Valley Farm
Start Bid : USD 80.00
Current Bid : -
Ends : Sep. 26, 2021 21:45:00
12 Rare Breed Assortment from Elk Valley Farm
12 Rare Breed Assortment from Elk Valley Farm
Start Bid : USD 60.00
Current Bid : -
Ends : Sep. 26, 2021 22:00:00

The poster , Kailey7 , assumes all responsibility for the contents of this listing

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