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Reputation for Funny Chicken Farm (59)
Registered since Jun. 12, 2015
in United States
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All Ratings From Buyers From Sellers Left for Others
| Date: Jul. 02, 2016 13:03:06 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: billydt1964 (30) | Auction ID: 137753
**********Buyer/Seller Beware!!!********** This person is a flat out liar! Left me fake made up bad review because I gave them a full refund of their order..... I shipped them 13 Silver Laced Orpington chicks plus a gold laced and they purchased exactly 12 silver Laced. All my other chick shipments that week made it all safe and sound except this persons. About half of the chicks were dead on arrival unfortunately so I decided to refund this buyer his FULL REFUND and he demanded I ship him more chicks for free instead.... I am not going to risk another 12 more chicks arriving dead at his location when the first shipment I did everything correct but the Post Office took too long to ship and half arrived dead. Buyer was not happy that I gave him a full refund and left me horrible review an lied on his review about everything...saying i'm a liar and made it seem I sent him red chicks instead of Gold??? I sent him 13 silvers and 1 red and he ordered 12 silvers... I sent him 2 free chicks.... He also lied to me multiple times saying he didn't have a PAYPAL Account??? He has a ton of transactions here on this website with purchases but thinks he can lie to me saying he doesn't have a PAYPAL??? I wonder how he paid me for his chicks? Maybe through PAYPAL!!! doesn't make sense and he is absolutely one of the worst customers I've ever dealt with. Let me copy and Paste what he emailed me about his PAYPAL account not existing so I would have to send replacements instead of a full refund. This is what he said... (((How will you refund me can u put it back on my card. Because I don't have a PayPal account.))) ((( I'll take my chances on 10 more chicks if they don't arrive alive I'll just be out my money. I haven't been able to get any money thru my PayPal.))) He seriously thinks he can lie and say he doesn't have a Paypal account so I couldn't refund him??? I wonder how he paid me....................................... This buyer is obviously ok with risking more chicks dying with another shipment but I am not ok with that and did the right thing by giving him his entire refund. This buyer is a liar and horrible to work with and I will not ever do business with him again. I do not deserve a negative review from him because I gave him a full refund... Absolutely ridiculous...... This person is not trustworthy.....
| Date: May. 24, 2016 20:42:25 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: BirchRidgeFarm (145) | Auction ID: 136117
Buyer/Seller Beware!!! Horrible person to do business with. Buyer did not want to show photo proof of the Expensive chicks he claimed arrived dead. Buyer did not want to pay for shipping of his replacement chicks so he made me give him a discount on shipping costs.... Then after he gets what he wanted he decides to leave me a horrible review. I do not recommend doing business with this person. They blaimed me for 2 chicks not making the shipment and demanded I pay for shipping 2 replacement chicks. Very rude person that is in charge of BIRCH RIDGE FARM and I will be offering to others what I think of them all over Backyard chickens and various Facebook groups to warn them all of this farm and how they treat their customers and sellers... What a joke this person is. Incredibly rude person and very demanding... It's a shame... Buyer/Seller Beware...
| Date: May. 03, 2016 19:48:57 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: nadacsharon (29) | Auction ID: 136210
Wish all my customers were as sweet as you. Could not ask for a nicer person to do business with.
| Date: Apr. 15, 2016 00:57:32 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: Giblet651 (4) | Auction ID: 135439
As a reputable seller here on RBA, I would not let this person, Giblet651, buy any of your items. Had a horrible experience with him...
| Date: Apr. 03, 2016 22:50:15 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: grizlyadams3 (54) Verified Bidder | Auction ID: 134451
!!!!!!! *** SCAM ARTIST *** !!!!!!! Please Do Not buy from or sell to this person! If he bids on your auction I recommend deleting his bid and blocking this person from your auctions. He bought a Gold Laced Orpington Rooster from me and faked his death on arrival and sent me fake photos of another gold laced bird to try and get his money back and keep the bird I sent him. His email and user ID is on Ebay's Seller Black List as well..... I am going to copy and paste the email I sent to RBA Store Manager if you want to read exactly what happened... Hi RBA Manager, I wanted to report a clear scam artist here on your site that tried to fake receive a dead rooster with fake photo proof to get his money back on paypal. I have all the proof in the world if you need it. His name is Walter Boese. His email is grizlyadamsofmt@netzero.net He changed his story multiple times and is a scammer and I am hoping you can please take action with him on your auction site so nobody else has to deal with him. To start off, his email is on Ebays blocked member list if you google his email address. I sold him a Gold Laced Orpington Rooster on here recently for merely $13 plus shipping. I would not risk my reputation as a seller on your site for a $13 rooster... Many red flags started with his initial purchase and I would be happy to show you screenshots of his emails and text messages and photos he tried to claim as proof of the dead rooster with the rooster I sent him... To start off, the buyer did not want to send a phone number for shipping box. They claimed the post office knows to call him and did not need to send me the number. I told him to please send me any number he would like so I can write a number on the shipping box for pickup. He finally sent a number but it was not the same phone number he eventually called me (randomly at 1AM in the morning my time). He also did not have a shipping address on his paypal account and when I tried to print the shipping label it would not let me do so because it said no address on file and also buyer was not a verified paypal member and said there was no seller protection for his payment. The buyer claimed he received a dead rooster and instead of reaching out to me so I could refund his money with proof of the dead rooster, he immediately started a paypal claim with his payment. He eventually notified me of the dead rooster about a day or 2 later. When I asked for photos of the rooster, his first response was he takes all his buyers word for a dead bird and shouldn't have to send photo proof of the rooster...He was upset that he felt I needed proof of the dead rooster... He also stated that he is not able to email photos... He stated that he did not have his cell phone with him when he picked up his rooster but the He eventually says maybe he can text me photos. Finally the buyer decides to send me fake pictures of the "dead rooster". They took 2 days to send me photos and finally sent 2 zoomed in pics of a gold laced bird with a mutilated face and head, a small comb and blurry photo. My rooster I sent him has a gigantic comb. This bird was clearly not my bird I sent him but I was still very polite and I simply asked the buyer to send a picture of the entire rooster laid out on the ground with my shipping label in the same photo. That would be perfect proof for me and I would have no problem refunding back his money. The buyer decides to call me randomly at almost 1AM in the morning my time which was 2 or 3AM his time. I told him to simply send a photo of the entire dead rooster laid out on the ground with my shipping label in the photo next to it. He was very rude on the phone and upset I did not believe him. He also changed his story and said he took pictures at the post office of the dead rooster. I asked him with what camera because in your email you stated you did not have your cell phone with you. He then paused on the phone and said he had to go back to the post office to take photos????? The photos he sent me are not inside a post office! They are zoomed in a box very zoomed in and blurry photos. There would be no need to go back post office to take the photos he claimed he took. He agreed and said he would take a photo of what I asked in the morning when it was light out. Even though he could have simply used a flashlight or lights and send some snap shots on his cell phone to text me since he decides to call me at 1AM I'm sure he had time. After this conversation I never hear from him again. So now he lied about sending me a simple photo proof of what I requested to refund his money. It's a simple photo that I requested and even though he agreed to do on the phone conversation he failed to contact me again and left me a nasty review on RBA... If you google his email, grizlyadamsofmt@netzero.net you will find that he is on the blocked eBay Member Blacklist which is the blocked Buyer/Bidder List of eBay. His negative feedback on RBA also has similar story of a rooster he purchased. Also, He had purchased Gold Laced Orpingtons on here before on his previous feedbacks and that also tells me that he would have easy access to a dead orpington in his yard that died and he purchased my auction and took pictures of his gold laced bird zoomed in with a mutilated head and face and tried to make it look like mine but did a horrible job. It is clearly not my bird in the 2 photos he sent and all the evidence I have defends that proof. I haven't left him a review yet because I'm hoping you are going to block him from your site. I am reaching out to you because I am a good seller on your site and have been working hard to achieve consistent positive reviews and I do not deserve this review he left me because he is a clear liar. I also want you to know he is a scammer and hope you can keep him from doing this to sellers on your site in the future. Please let me know if you are willing to remove his feedback he left me. I do not deserve it and will show you any proof you need to justify my story of this scammer. I have all the emails and texts from him, as well as the photos he tried to claim of the dead rooster and the picture of my rooster in my yard that I actually sent him. Please let me know if there is anything you need from me. I am more than willing to help out with this issue. Thank you, Tina
| Date: Dec. 11, 2015 00:37:58 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: JRDx1 (4) Verified Bidder | Auction ID: 132855
BUYER/SELLER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the rudest demanding buyers I have ever come across!!!!!!!! Save yourself the trouble and do not do business with this person! Extremely Rude and will leave you negative feedback if you don't customize her shipping address for her on her Paypal account!
| Date: Nov. 30, 2015 22:54:30 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: Bean789 (-1) | Auction ID: 132768
BUYERS/SELLERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a reputable seller here on Rarebreedauctions.com and this person is demanding and rude and apparently if you send this person fertile eggs and about only 50% of the eggs develop into chicks then this buyer likes to threaten to leave Negative Feedback... They accused me of sending infertile eggs... This Person bought Fertile eggs from me. They messaged me letting me know that a little less than half of the eggs seemed to be developing and said how extremely unhappy they were with me and accused me of sending bad eggs and will be leaving a bad review for me because they paid a lot for my fertile eggs and only half seem to be developing???? Seriously??? Most reputable sellers know that they have no control over hatch rates. 50% of shipped eggs developing are actually good results and to tell me how unhappy they were with me is plain rude and I hope nobody else has to deal with this person. They were completely unreasonable. I hope you read this before doing business with this person....
| Date: Oct. 21, 2015 00:07:10 | Type: Auction Sale | To: Feather Lover Farms (3) | Auction ID: 132554
Beautiful chicks! Very nice seller. Can't wait to raise these chicks and add diversity into my flock.
| Date: Oct. 12, 2015 15:13:22 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: Vittorious (-1) | Auction ID: 132387
Buyer/Seller Beware!!!!!!! Do not do business with (Vittorious). They acted nice in the beginning but then got very demanding in the end. They did not pay on time. They did not have a Paypal Account linked to their bank to pay. They did not have their Paypal account linked to the right address where they wanted their chicks shipped to and wanted me to edit the address for them in their own Paypal account... The post office did not deliver their chicks on time and unfortunately only received 3 live chicks and they privately emailed me (The Seller) blaming me and demanded more chicks for free and threatened to leave negative feedback if I didn't. She also told me I did not ship the chicks properly to her. I have shipped over 30 shipments of complete success with live chick shipments this year and years before this and this is the first shipment that didn't make it all alive due to the post office error. I wrote the phone number on shipping box in big writing like I always do with all shipments. This is only half of the problems I have had with this person and I recommend saving yourself allot of trouble and not doing business with them.
| Date: Sep. 17, 2015 20:51:12 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: cttcdblehm (4) | Auction ID: 132043
A++++ Highly recommend doing business with! Fantastic person to work with. Thank you!
| Date: Sep. 03, 2015 16:45:41 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: klopping (8) | Auction ID: 131867
Extremely nice person to work with. Paid and sent phone numbers for shipping box very fast. I hope to do business with you again. Enjoy your new Ayam Cemani chicks! :)
| Date: Sep. 02, 2015 11:38:06 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: ISARJC (11) | Auction ID: 130680
Buyer/Seller Beware!!! I recommend not buying or selling from this person! Do your homework before doing business with ISARJC......
| Date: Sep. 02, 2015 11:34:33 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: Rancho Bravo (5) | Auction ID: 130892
Buyer/Seller Beware! Highly recommend not buying from this person or selling to this person!
| Date: Aug. 20, 2015 21:46:35 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: TRPrime (4) Verified Bidder | Auction ID: 130564
Great person to work with! :)
| Date: Aug. 20, 2015 21:46:05 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: Sheda (6) | Auction ID: 130692
Great person to work with! :)
| Date: Aug. 20, 2015 21:45:45 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: jakkob1 (9) | Auction ID: 131014
Great person to work with! :)
| Date: Aug. 20, 2015 21:45:06 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: charles1950 (32) | Auction ID: 131217
Great person to work with! :)
| Date: Aug. 20, 2015 21:44:48 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: Farmboy47960 (2) | Auction ID: 131218
Great person to work with! :)
| Date: Aug. 20, 2015 21:43:57 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: foxfirepapillons (101) Verified Bidder Verified Seller | Auction ID: 131456
Great person to work with! :)
| Date: Aug. 13, 2015 02:40:21 | Type: Auction Purchase | To: ChicopeeBrookFarm (8) | Auction ID: 131384
Great person to work with. Everything went perfect! :)
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